From Fat 2 Thin is an attempt to provide a complete Diet Plan guide for all the people who wish to lose weight – get thin and also for those FIT people who wish to maintain their Physique.Diet Plan is an easy way to control and reduce weight as compare to other methods which costs lots of TIME and MONEY. However if you don’t follow Proper Diet Plan, it can have adverse effects as well. So Complied here in is all the Quality Information you will ever need for a dieting.


Weight Loss :
Diet Plan From Fat 2 ThinYes that is what is the ultimate goal of a Diet Plan. Quite a large number of people around the globe are either obese or over weight. So if you are one of them, you are not alone. In fact, all of us need to lose some weight once a while. Sadly there is lots of misinformation and contracting advice about weight loss that it’s hard to clear the junk and find out what really works. Finding a nice weight lose technique can sometimes be very frustrating. 

Do you need a Diet Plan ?
Well the simple answer to this question is – Yes. As you come across various methods of squeezing those extra pounds out, you will realize that none is a full proof, sure short method except a proper diet plan.  Exercises, Weight Loss Gadgets, Magic Medicines etc. all turn out to be time consuming, money consuming and not result oriented. If you adopt any of these methods you realize that even if you burn out some fats, you don’t maintain it. The key to maintain weight loss is having proper and well planned Eating Habits. 

Choosing a Diet Plan :
This can be quite a task, but be assured once you settle in for a suitable Diet Plan you will see lasting consistent results. Your diet should include all the recommended daily allowances (RDAs) for vitamins, minerals and protein. Select a plan that not only helps you lose weight but teaches you to keep it off. Consult a dietitian or obesity consultant for proper plan as per your life style. It is much easier to maintain a diet that takes into account the foods that you like and dislike. The diet plan must be pratical and easy to follow and maintainable for a long time. 

Variations of Diet Plan :
There are quite a few variations in Diet Plans and we will try and cover all of them at length. Mediterranean Diet Plan, HCG Diet Plan, Fixed Menu Diet Plan, Exchange-type Diet Plan, Pre-packed meal Diet Plan, Formula Diet Plan, Flexible Diet Plans etc to name a few will be discussed in detail here. 

Diet Plan Articles :
That’s what this website is dedicated to. You will find loads of Diet Plan Articles, Help, Advice and more on this website. So Happy buckle up to lean and choose your own Diet Plan.